• @samhawken I didn’t know that, that’s good to know, thanks.

  • @danielpunkass you're not the only person in that boat. Remember, not everything bad that can happen will happen.

  • @patrickrhone Bravo! We'd all feel better when advertising media reflects the realities of their constituencies.

  • @manton I haven’t been able to post anything since 7 June. Is someone looking into this?

  • @manton do you have a way forward with this? There's still no posting & cross-posting, it's not usable. What would you recommend?

  • @mdrockwell have you also looked at Matrix.org?

  • @hoppysensei that looks super interesting and tasty. There’s been an explosion of micro brewing in AU 🇦🇺 & UK 🇬🇧 with real experimentation with ingredients and flavours.

  • @manton Yes, it's still there, both Mastodon and Twitter. Neither are receiving cross-posts. FWIW I changed my billing to 'annual' recently, but that's the only change I've made on my side.

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