‘Flowers in a Window’ (1956) by L.S. Lowry #art #dailylowry

'Flowers in a Window' (1956) by [L.S. Lowry](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/L._S._Lowry)

‘Wilson’s Terrace’ (1953) by L.S. Lowry #art #dailylowry

'Wilson's Terrace' (1953) by [L.S. Lowry](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/L._S._Lowry)

‘On a promenade, Hartlepool’ (1970) by L.S. Lowry #art #dailylowry

'On a promenade, Hartlepool' (1970) by [L.S. Lowry]

‘A football match’ (1960) by L.S. Lowry #art

'A football match' (1960) by [L.S. Lowry](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/L._S._Lowry)

I like to party! And when I say ‘party’ I mean #hamradio

‘Man with red scarf’ (1963) by L.S. Lowry #art

‘A cricket match’ (1953) by L.S. Lowry #art

'A cricket match' (1953) by [L.S. Lowry](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/L._S._Lowry)

Success is a process and not an event

I think it was Gary Halbert who said “Most people don’t understand that success is a process and not an event, and most people want the miracle answer right now! They want the $10 book that tells them where to find the magic genie and where on his belly to rub to make the money rain out of they sky.”

I like to party! And when I say ‘party’ I mean reading the latest edition of Mountain Rescue.

Front cover of Mountain Rescue magazine winter 2024 edition.

Echinops, of the family Asteraceae, commonly known as globe thistles.

Spiny foliage and produce blue or white spherical flower heads.


In the foreground a box of ‘6 nimmt’ (Take 6) card game and in the background espresso coffee in a blue cup and saucer and a small glass of sparkling water.

Lily of the Incas, Alstroemeria #dailyphotography

Lily of the Incas, Alstroemeria

If you don’t have #loyalty then you don’t have anything.

In the foreground a pamphlet titled ‘Citizenship Ceremony’ and the background a traditional brass band.

Rudbeckia Ophelia #dailyphotography

‘Rudbeckia Ophelia’ a prominent, raised central disc in yellow surrounded by yellow petals.

Rainbow Lorikeet (Trichoglossus moluccanus). Melbourne, Victoria. #dailyphotography

A Rainbow Lorikeet. Violet-blue streaked head, orange-red breast, yellow-green hindcollar and uniformly bright green upperparts.

Go on stop me. #dailyphotography


I think we’d all do better keeping John Crow’s Law in mind -

“Do not believe what you want to believe until you know what you aught to know.”

A pencil sketch of the late John Crow.

Dwarf Alberta Spruce (Picea glauca albertiana) #bonsai #dailyphotography

A very healthy looking Dwarf Alberta Spruce bonsai tree carefully potted in a blue glazed pot.


Yarra river trail, Melbourne, Victoria. #dailyphotography

Tanacetum parthenium, Feverfew. #dailyphotography

Gerbera #dailyphotography

Bright yellow Gerbera flowers with a orange and brown tufted rosettes

Nymphaea alba, European white water lily. #dailyphotography

A European white water lily with white petals and a yellow stamens and is speckled with water droplets.

Humanity not machinery #dailyphotography

A hand painted sign on the side of a truck that reads “No digital ID. We are not livestock.”

Gumnuts on a Eucalyptus #dailyphotography