Yarra river trail, Melbourne, Victoria. #dailyphotography

Tanacetum parthenium, Feverfew. #dailyphotography

Gerbera #dailyphotography

Bright yellow Gerbera flowers with a orange and brown tufted rosettes

Nymphaea alba, European white water lily. #dailyphotography

A European white water lily with white petals and a yellow stamens and is speckled with water droplets.

Humanity not machinery #dailyphotography

A hand painted sign on the side of a truck that reads “No digital ID. We are not livestock.”

Gumnuts on a Eucalyptus #dailyphotography

Castlemaine, Victoria, Australia. #dailyphotography #cycling #safecycling

Good - Fast - Cheap #dailyphotography

Mercedes Benz 220 SE. #dailyphotography

A copper coloured vintage Mercedes Benz 220 SE. Two door convertible with the top down.

Lilium #dailyphotography

Flowering orange lily

Today I’m mostly reading ‘A Death in Malta’ by Paul Caruana Galizia.

In 2023 I decided to avoid watching, reading the popular, tabloid news media and I feel so much better for it. #informationdiet

Wendy Whiteley’s garden, Lavender Bay, Sydney. #dailyphotography

Strelitzia reginae (bird of paradise), Toorak, Victoria, Australia. #dailyphotography

Strelitzia reginae, bird of paradise flowers.

White and green bouquet. #dailyphotography

A large bouquet of white and green flowers.

Dunkeld, Victoria, Australia. #dailyphotography

Riot of colours #dailyphotography

A selection of colour flowers.

Griffiths Island Lighthouse, Port Fairy, Victoria.

Griffiths Island Lighthouse, Port Fairy, Victoria.

At South Melbourne Market and no one is wearing a mask 😷 (except me) 🙁.

“The world is changing fast and the parts that aren’t no longer interest me.” Hugh McLeod, Gapingvoid

Today I’m mostly reading ‘Think before you Think’ by Stafford Beer.

Front cover of ‘Think before you Think’ by Stafford Beer.

I’m finding rss2email highly functional github.com/rss2email…

Life emerges.

Giving the new safety #fountainpen a try.

Proactive, anticipatory and prospective

Why aren’t proactive, anticipatory and prospective behaviours more valued in the workplace?

Is it a #behavioural #economics thing, i.e. those behaviours don’t get rewarded therefore they’re not adopted.

Or is it a #power #control thing, exercising your autonomy is a threat to the power structures?

Or perhaps something else?