Rainbow Lorikeet (Trichoglossus moluccanus). Melbourne, Victoria. #dailyphotography

A Rainbow Lorikeet. Violet-blue streaked head, orange-red breast, yellow-green hindcollar and uniformly bright green upperparts.

Go on stop me. #dailyphotography


I think we’d all do better keeping John Crow’s Law in mind -

“Do not believe what you want to believe until you know what you aught to know.”

A pencil sketch of the late John Crow.

Dwarf Alberta Spruce (Picea glauca albertiana) #bonsai #dailyphotography

A very healthy looking Dwarf Alberta Spruce bonsai tree carefully potted in a blue glazed pot.


Yarra river trail, Melbourne, Victoria. #dailyphotography

Tanacetum parthenium, Feverfew. #dailyphotography

Gerbera #dailyphotography

Bright yellow Gerbera flowers with a orange and brown tufted rosettes

Nymphaea alba, European white water lily. #dailyphotography

A European white water lily with white petals and a yellow stamens and is speckled with water droplets.

Humanity not machinery #dailyphotography

A hand painted sign on the side of a truck that reads “No digital ID. We are not livestock.”

Gumnuts on a Eucalyptus #dailyphotography

Castlemaine, Victoria, Australia. #dailyphotography #cycling #safecycling

Good - Fast - Cheap #dailyphotography

Mercedes Benz 220 SE. #dailyphotography

A copper coloured vintage Mercedes Benz 220 SE. Two door convertible with the top down.

Lilium #dailyphotography

Flowering orange lily

Today I’m mostly reading ‘A Death in Malta’ by Paul Caruana Galizia.

In 2023 I decided to avoid watching, reading the popular, tabloid news media and I feel so much better for it. #informationdiet

Wendy Whiteley’s garden, Lavender Bay, Sydney. #dailyphotography

Strelitzia reginae (bird of paradise), Toorak, Victoria, Australia. #dailyphotography

Strelitzia reginae, bird of paradise flowers.

White and green bouquet. #dailyphotography

A large bouquet of white and green flowers.

Dunkeld, Victoria, Australia. #dailyphotography

Riot of colours #dailyphotography

A selection of colour flowers.

Griffiths Island Lighthouse, Port Fairy, Victoria.

Griffiths Island Lighthouse, Port Fairy, Victoria.

At South Melbourne Market and no one is wearing a mask 😷 (except me) 🙁.

“The world is changing fast and the parts that aren’t no longer interest me.” Hugh McLeod, Gapingvoid